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How To Launch A New Website When You Have Zero Experience
By Devan Ciccarelli
Does it seem as if every brand, adorable Instagram puppy, and neighborhood plumber have their own websites these days?

They do.

So you’re probably scratching your head and wondering why you don’t.

Brands have an almost unlimited pool of potential customers in the vast online expanse.

Already convinced? Jump ahead to Step 1.

Still on the fence? Keep reading…

Current stats tell us:

Close to 50% of the world connects to the internet (that’s 3.6 billion users)
10x as many people use the internet now than during 1999–2013
The trick is just meeting everyone!

Most brands find social media the easiest way to plant their digital roots.

And it’s not exactly a bad place to connect.

After all:

Facebook reports 1.13 billion daily active users
Instagram boasts 500 million users per day
Twitter wrangles in 313 million users per month
Snapchat rolls in around 150 million daily users
And LinkedIn’s members top 450 million
Your awesome brand may stack up likes, comments, and followers, but what happens when your social media tribe wants to learn more about your brand than your fave Instagram filter?

Where can they find solid information about who you are?

If your answer is something along the lines of I have my phone number, email, and business address listed in my profile, you’re doing a major disservice to your audience.

Not to mention completely shortchanging your brand.

See, while building your brand on social media is important, you can’t rely on those channels alone to help you tap into your online audience with tools where you can make your content known !

The reality is, some of your followers are not ready to buy yet.

They like your feed, they get your style, but they don’t know enough about you to hand over their hard-earned cash.

Your website needs to step in where your social posts can’t reach.

When done correctly, your killer website becomes:

Your best salesperson, working hard even when you’re not
A way to help you build authority and trust with your audience
A much cheaper option than opening a brick-and-mortar store and just as profitable
The ultimate resource for learning more about your brand, mission, and audience
Your website also takes the pressure off potential customers who are not in the ready-to-buy zone. You’ll be able to guide these visitors further down your sales funnel on their time.

This makes your chances of converting later way more likely.

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